Saturday, December 31, 2011

Blake & Catie 2011 Year in Review!

I've always enjoyed reading "year in review" blogs from people I follow, so Blake and I decided to do one for ourselves.  Click on the links to go back to blogs we've written over the past year, and have fun recapping our year with us!

In January, Blake and I started our second half of our first year of Medical and Law school.  Here are some things that we did:



  • My dad came to visit again, and he and I got away from school and work to do some touristy things.
  • Marcus and Suzy got ENGAGED!  
  •  We tried out some new recipes.
  • I finished my first year of law school!
  • Blake also participated in MedWar, which we never actually wrote a blog about, and I was a volunteer for the race.  Here's the recap:
 A bunch of medical minded people get together in teams of three to go through an obstacle course complete with bike riding, canoeing, and stations of "injured" people.  At the stations, each team had to treat the injuries and assess the dangerous situations.  They are then scored by judges at each station and given points based on how quickly they finished.

Blake, Allen, and Nicole were on a team, and I was a judge at one of the stations. Go Beached Whales!




  • I finished working at my summer job, and started working at my fall internship.
  • Blake and I both started our second year of graduate school.
  • We took a trip to Ikea and built a Mega Desk for studying.





Overall, Blake and I had a great--though busy and stressful--year in 2011.  I won't go so far as say that we loved it, but it was special and there were a lot of really sweet moments.  Plus, it was the first year that we were married from January through December! We're looking forward to 2012 and seeing what awaits for us there!

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