Monday, September 12, 2011

Blake and Catie in DC for FALL round 2

Life in DC post-Irene has been decidedly more fall like.  Dorothy, Blake's mom, said that she's putting out her fall decorations soon! It got me excited, so I did a little craft that I'd found on Pinterest.

Have you heard of Pinterest? I really like it. It allows you to maintain boards and collect pictures that have a link to the original site of the picture. I have a board called Good Eats where I pin pictures of food that looks good. Then, when I'm needing inspiration, I can click on the picture on my board and it takes me to the blog or recipe site so that I can follow the recipe! Pinterest is very nifty.  It's similar to twitter or facebook in that you can follow people and see what they are pinning to their boards! It's my newest social media love.  If you'd like to check it out, or see my boards, click here!

So these are my fall decorations thus far!

I bet you can't guess which one I made! Totally kidding... the pumpkin that says Thanksgiving and the pretty fall candle holder were both gifts from Dorothy. She has also sent us Thanksgiving kitchen towels... That, plus the addition of the sale items from last year's Christmas decorations, puts Blake and me in a good position for holiday decorating!

It's a work in progress of course.


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