Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Years from Blake and Catie!

Happy New Years Day from Blake and Catie and our little corner of the internets!  If you know us because you are friends or family, we're glad you've been reading up on us and keeping up with us.  If you have simply stumbled upon our blog and stayed around, we're happy to have you!

Here's how we spent our New Years Eve.
Cappuccinos with our new espresso machine!
3 Dogs snuggling on one couch... and BREAD from our new bread machine!
All three couples gathered in the living room and rang in the new year with piƱa coladas (virgin ones for the pregnant lady among us!  That would be Suzy... just in case anyone thought I was making some sort of announcement) and watched the ball drop in NYC.  I hope everyone has had a good New Year's Eve and great start to their 2012.

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