Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Great Saturday!

We had an absolute blast on Saturday! We did all sorts of fun things with Dorothy and Steve around Knoxville. First and foremost, we slept in to evade travel sleepiness and then woke up to a delicious brunch that Dorothy had prepared for us! I should have taken a picture... it was quite the presentation! We sat out on their deck and sipped coffee and talked and enjoyed the morning.

By lunch time, we weren't really hungry.  For food anyways! We went to Sweet Cece's and got delicious frozen yogurt with yummy toppings! Then we did a modicum of shopping.  Blake and I have had some trouble with the area over our couch since we rearranged, and we were in the market for some decorations.  We had a pretty good idea of what we wanted though so it was just a matter of finding it.  And find it we did!  I'll write a separate post about our new found decoration in our apartment--it's that good!  Have you ever been to Kirkland's? I absolutely adore that store! If I could take the entire store, turn it upside down and dump it in an empty house, I could totally make that house cozy and homey!

After loading up our cargo and warding off our sugar high, we made it back to the house in time to get all gussied up for our friend Lindsey's wedding!
Looking sharp!

Lindsey and Blake have been good friends for a very, very long time.
Well it's not the very oldest, but the oldest I could find. They both look different now for sure, so you can tell time has passed! That's what's important here people!
And Lindsey and I have been friends for awhile too! At Lipscomb, she took over my Presidential position in Pi Kappa Sigma (girls service club), and I just love her to death! Blake and I were so excited to be able to make it to her and Jay's wedding! Here are some highlights:
Me and the bride!

Most of Blake's old youth group friends! Reunited!

During the ceremony
Afterwards, Blake and I ended the night with good friends and funny stories! Evan and David Bearden came back to the house and we chilled out on the deck telling stories on each other and laughing until past midnight!

Overall it was a terrific day! And congratulations to Jay and Lindsey!

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