Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A new view...

Blake and I are coming up on one year in our apartment in DC in June! It's hard to believe it's been 11 months already. Yet, here we are, with a lot more knowledge crammed into our heads and a lot less money in the bank (haha). 

On the day I took my last final, Blake and I rearranged our furniture! We liked what we had done with the place, but change can be a good thing, so we decided to go for it. Here's what our place looked like before: 
Our bed faced toward the window, and the bookshelf kept the bed separate from the living room.

The couch and toy box/coffee table cornered by the window
View from the window
Our desk across from the bed.
Dining room
Bed from the couch.
 And now I'd like to introduce you to our new apartment! One of the perks of studio living is that it's super easy to pick  up and move stuff. The floors make it all slide and even if we move the stuff end to end, there's not that far to go haha.  One of the downsides to studio living? The dust bunnies. We've got a whole house's worth of dust that accumulates in a very, very small space! I feel like I could dust and sweep every day.  Read: I feel like I should sweep and dust everyday, but it doesn't necessarily happen! 
We threw our bed over where our couch used to be...
The desk is the same, but doubles as the entertainment center!

A living room!!! Haha it feels that way anyway!
We put our dining room back up against the wall and use the extra chairs as seating around the apartment.
The bed, and notice the bench I made (with the help of my parents and Blake haha)
Our sweet little reading nook.
 Also, I've got to talk about the elements in this picture for a second. I made the bench at the foot of the bed from a coffee table that was given away for free in a shady part of DC. I loaded it all myself into our car and took it home and washed and cleaned it. My mom, via Dad, delivered the foam to us, and Blake and I picked out the fabric (damask!) from Joann's online. The chair was another free craigslist find, and I used a gift card left over from a wedding gift to get the slipcover. And I got the little bedside table in the picture here from someone in the neighborhood who was going to throw it away!
Reading nook shot.
Cute boy working away in our living room.
Also, we've gotta find something to go over the couch. And now we're back to that same question as before haha...

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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