Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fun Things I See in DC! Numero Dos!

I used to hate taking the bus everywhere, but it really does have it's perks! I can do homework on the bus, and I don't have to fight the DC maniacs who think Pennsylvania Ave is the Indy 500. ANDDDD I get to see cool things along the way. I wrote about some fun things I see here, and here are some more!
This is the J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building.  I think the CIA building is somewhere close, but I've never seen it. Right around the corner from this building is the International Spy Museum! Sometimes I imagine that the people going in or out of the building are secret agents, but then again, they probably wouldn't be going into the FBI building if they were trying to keep a low profile... When I was in elementary school, I had a very real career goal of being a spy. One of my friends and I would crawl under the bus seats and listen in on private conversations!  Turns out that my high school only offered a college track and a technical track -- with no secret spy track, my dreams slowly died away. :)

FURTHERMORE, mine and Blake's latest TV show addiction is Bones (we talked about it here)(also, I love linking back to other blog posts! Sorry if it's annoying, but I think it's fun). Bones is set in DC but filmed in California, I think. They have a lot of stock footage of DC that they play in between all the action. The lead guy, Seely Booth, is an FBI agent, so they always have a shot of the FBI building in their shows!
This is one of the Smithsonian Art Galleries. It's very pretty! When Brittney and Heather visited (here, here, and here)(<- More linking!!), we went to Jazz in the Garden which is held during the summer on Friday nights.  Here's a video:

This place is called the Capital Grille, and I have never even been inside, but I am really digging the double lions guarding the door.  I see lots of suits going in there to get drinks after work, so there's probably some quality schmoozing going on.

For some reason the white on the Capitol Building kind of blends in with the sky in this picture, but the Capitol is quite the stately building!
This is the National Archives Building! The first time I went here was in 8th Grade on a class trip.  Good times... Little did I know that I was visiting my future home! Not the Archives building, of course, I was referring more generally to Washington, DC. :) Anyway, the Archives hosts a pretty significant document -- the original Constitution!  As a law student, this makes me very happy haha.
Ok last picture of the day... this is the Navy War Memorial across the street from Archives. On Tuesday, I think it is, there's always a big ceremony with current Navy personnel.  My dad served in the United States Navy, so this is special to me. The whole memorial is quite unique.  Pierre L'enfant, who designed DC, wanted a Navy War Memorial himself!  President Kennedy was an ex-Navy guy, and he and some others were the ones that finally got the ball rolling on making it.  Pennsylvania Avenue is sometimes referred to as 'America's Main Street' and that was the location they chose!

Do you feel like you're here yet??

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