Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Exploring the City: Georgetown Waterfront

Sunday's weather was absolutely beautiful, though a bit hot, and we took advantage of the niceness of it! We headed down to National Community Church, which meets in Georgetown's movie theater.  Afterward, we decided to hang out around the waterfront, since the movie theater is close by.  It was great!
Potomac River... where we get our drinking water!

It was a bit bright haha
We sat there on the ledge and watched the people go by who had rented paddle boats, rowing boats, and kayaks...

Can you see them out there? There were lots today!
Then, we played with this fun function on our phone where you can do a panorama! We really wanted to get us both in the panorama shot on opposite ends... but it never really worked out! Haha Here's our attempts...
This one's pretty good

Hmmm... this one looks like there's a 90 degree angle on the ledge, but there wasn't! Haha

This was as close as we could get! I'm in the corner on the left and Blake's not quite all there in the middle!
We also saw a group of pole dancers (yes, you read that correctly) practicing on some mobile poles in the middle of a grassy stretch.  I know, I know... pics or it didn't happen!
Told you! There's one girl upside down!

Another couple of dancers
After we'd watched some ducks and rented boats go by, we kept walking westward, following the river.  We found the place that everyone was renting from, and I must admit, it looked like a fun party!
We checked out some more waterfront and saw some wildlife!
I hereby claim this piece of land in the name of all who wear inappropriate shoes for walking long distances!

Then, we walked back toward M street and stopped in the Georgetown Shopping Mall to cool off and grab some lunch.  This mall is seriously pretty!
Inside of the mall
All in all, by the time we got back to our apartment, we had probably walked about 6 miles! For those who are wondering, yes, I do have huge blisters from the flip flops. I appreciate your concern! :)

Blake and I had big plans for Sunday night, including but not limited to: a couple of Boggle games (I won one and Blake won one and a lot of smack talk went on in the middle! haha) and our first Netflix DVD: The Departed!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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