Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fun Things I See in DC! Numero Tres

This is probably the last post on fun things I see in DC.  My bus only goes so far to get me to work! 
 Here's the Newseum. It's a really cool museum on all things communications related, and it looks great! Blake and I haven't gone because it's not a free museum like the Smithsonians.  I keep waiting for Groupon or Living Social to have a coupon for half-off tickets so that we can go!  On the anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks, they had a special exhibit (that might still be there) about the news coverage.  They gave away free tickets too, but I heard too late! Blake and I have at least 2 years and 7 months left in the city, if not more, so we will definitely get here before we leave!
 Outside of the Newseum are displays of every single state's front page of their daily paper!  It's neat to walk down the row and see what's happening in each state. Woah... what's that I see?!
Why... it's Tennesee's front page of The Commercial Appeal!  I don't believe Tennessee has a statewide newspaper...  The Commercial Appeal is a Memphis paper, but since half of our readers (aka Dorothy and Steve) are from Memphis, I thought they would like to see it! :)
Here's the Capitol Building, in all it's glory.  I was feeling like the last picture didn't really do it justice, so I risked bodily injury to take this picture from the CENTER of Pennsylvania Avenue. Ohhhh yeahhhh... Don't be too concerned for me though, I was in the cross walk. :)
And I leave you with a picture of this beauty! Seriously, how cute would I be on one of those things??  I've been trying for about 6 months now to get Blake to buy me one, but he's all like 'what if you get hit by a car' or 'what if it rains'  or 'that doesn't look very safe'  I mean seriously, cuteness totally outweighs safety concerns, and you can quote me on that.  If you also believe that I should be gifted one of these adorable scooters, please feel free to cajole Blake in the comments.  If you agree with the ridiculous safety and raining concerns that Blake has presented, please feel free to keep your comments to yourself!

Haha jk. We love comments. ALL comments. But stranger comments, as we affectionately call them, are particularly awesome!


  1. Thanks for the shot of the Commercial Appeal. Enjoyed the post. Take care of yourselves.


  2. Fantastic pictures!I Love DC and your blog header picture is fabulous!

  3. Thanks so much Whitney!

    And Steve, glad we could bring a little Memphis to your home computer :)


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