Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Allen's Birthday Party!

Blake's good friend Allen (you might have read about him and his lovely girlfriend here before) had a birthday celebration over the weekend! It was so much fun to be a part of it! His girlfriend Nicole emailed me and Blake a few weeks ago to ask if we'd up for hanging out on Allen's birthday and we were like YES! Haha they're both so fun to be around.
A toast? Haha
Nicole was very sneaky. She planned a whole Surfside adventure and even continued the theme when she snuck a bunch of cute decorations into our apartment before she went to meet Allen after driving down from Baltimore! That's a good girlfriend right there! Haha she also brought a playstation and a Wii. We moved our tv to the dining room table and hooked up the game consoles to our TV! We had so much fun!
We made margaritas and had fun stirrers! Blake and I provided the fun colored glasses, but all the other decorations were from Nicole! So fun!

What a cute couple!

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