Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Projects! Take Two!

My other big Christmas project was mostly about myself, though I could stretch and make it about helping out my parents as well.  Actually, I did do one other project that didn't include pictures because it would have been lame.  I went through the room I stayed in when I visited during my college years and picked up and sorted and boxed up all my old things to go to the attic.  Like I said, kinda lame.

Anyway, my other project included wedding cards!  I had two boxes full of well-wishes from friends and family on our wedding day and at various bridal showers.  I couldn't bear to part with them, and I enjoy reading through them when I have the time.  When I found an online tutorial to making a wedding card book, I was pumped to try it out!

If I'd had some more crafting materials, I think the book would have turned out a little nicer, but the book serves its purpose!
 First, I went through all our cards and sorted them from longest to shortest.  My dad helped me cut some cardboard that was a little longer than the longest and widest card.  Blake and I picked out some cute paper to adorn the outside of the book.  I hotglue-ed the paper on to the cardboard on the front and back of each book cover.

Next, Blake and I punched holes in the top corner of each of the cards.  My hands must be bruised from all the hole punching!  I also managed to get my words mixed up and say "Pole Huncher" instead of "Hole Puncher" at least 20 times.  Go ahead and let "pole huncher" roll around in your mouth for a few minutes... it's pretty rad!
From the side
I love it!
Unfortunately, I had an unexpected surprise... so many people loved us and wrote us cards with well-wishes for our marriage, that the TWO INCH RINGS COULDN'T HOLD THEM ALL!  Actually, that was not unfortunate at all.  It's a pretty good problem to have!

My mom bought the two-inch rings for us at a Hobby Lobby in town, and it came in a two-pack.  So I got creative and made a second book!  Since we didn't have another two pieces of cardboard, or any more of the scrapbook paper that Blake and I picked out, I used two of our programs as the front and back for the second set of cards!  These cards were a little smaller, so it ended up working out perfectly!
Here's the front!
And here's the back!  And all the cards are in the middle!

 I'm excited to have these around DC with us when we get back.  It was so fun and encouraging to read all the notes people had left for us.  Here's an example of what it looks like when you open up the book.
The front of the card
This card is from our sweet friend, Laura! 

 Now we can read the cards anytime we feel like it!
Yay for Project Numero Dos Completed!


  1. Thanks, Catherine, for showcasing the wedding card from me! :) I've been reading your blog on my new laptop! I hope you got a lot of great Christmas gifts! Love you!

  2. I am so glad you noticed! Haha It was such a sweet and pretty card, I felt like I needed to showcase it! :)


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