Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tennessee Tornado Damage

Chattanooga, TN

I'm really bouncing all over the place, aren't I? This morning, Mom came and got me from Pamela's house and we drove to Chattanooga! Right as we got into the city, Dad called and asked for lunch. He and Ben had been out since early with some other people from church cutting down a tree from the tornado damage. We picked up some burgers and brought them over.  We had a BBQ type thing to go to later, and Dad and Ben needed a little extra help, so I changed clothes in the car and raked leaves and carried limbs! It was just like the old days when my dad owned a tree business! I even have a nice blister on my thumb to show for it.

We got back and quickly got dressed for the dinner. It was a fun time to get together with the mission team that went to Honduras (my brother and dad went on that trip) and their families. The food was great and the view was beautiful. Unfortunately, I have no pictures to show for it :( 

The preacher of the Hispanic Ministry at a church in town went down to Honduras as the translator and preacher for the group and he brought his wife and children to the event too. When we met he told me I should talk to his wife because she doesn't speak much English, and we had an absolute blast chatting in Spanish. I needed that too... Without having all of my Hispanic friends to talk to, I wasn't really sure how my skills were holding up! Thankfully, it came back to me without a problem! I might have been a little slower on coming up with some words, but it all came back to me eventually! We ended up talking for about an hour.

This was a great first day in Chattanooga!

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