Sunday, December 18, 2011

Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Family, Friends, Friends who are Like Family: Part II

The second part of our Thursday was equally fun and exciting!  We went over to see some of our good friends, Tyler and Brittney.  They live near some of my family and Heather, so I love visiting since I get to see so many great friends and family (and friends who are like family haha).  Brittney made dinner and Tyler made guacamole and had us all over for dinner.  Just look at how cute these place setting are!
 There's the gracious hosts!
 We started the night the way I like to: with presents!  Brittney got Blake and me the sweetest gifts.
 First, she made us this wreath with our initial in it.
 AND she made us a scrapbook of our wedding!  She is so great.  She's also the same gift-giver who gave me the birthday present I wrote about here.
 My cousins and Aunt Kathy also came to Brittney's for dinner!  These are my "little" cousins.  They are both over 6 feet tall!
 And there's my favorite only aunt-on-my-mom's-side!
 Here's Brittney opening up her present from me!
 I just love her!
After dinner we went upstairs to the entertainment room and played Kinect!  It's like Wii but without a wand... you just use your hands!  They made fun of my little avatar when I played because I moved a whole lot!
Blake and Tyler playing!
Brittney and Tyler!
It was such a great day!  We stayed up late talking and my sister, Becca, came over after she was done babysitting.  Can't wait to hang out again!

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