Monday, November 28, 2011

Blake and Catie's First Thanksgiving Solo

Blake was inspired by a frozen food at the grocery store today, and it spurred our first ever Thanksgiving Dinner with just the two of us...
 Yes sir!  Blake made a chicken!  All by himself!!
That's right, stud! You owned that chicken!
It was delicious!  Tender and wonderful!
Blake with his bird!  I'm so lucky to have married such a creative little cook!
Sweet potato fries!
Some grilling beans!
Try not to salivate on your keyboards, people!
some leftover mac and cheese rounded out our meal!
We had dessert, but we ate so much that neither of us mentioned it! Haha.  Side note: an easy way to keep 'desert' and 'dessert' straight is to think that the thing you want more of (sugary yummy desserts, thank you very much) gets the extra 's!'  Go forth!

We also might have been a little slow to mention dessert as well because we were laughing really hard at Modern Family!!  Hahaha this show is hilarious.  I recommend the show for sure!
Taken from our tv haha

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  1. Conquering a roast chicken is no easy task! Take it from one who took several attempts to get it right. Ha, ha. Great job!! :)


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