Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday with Brittney and Heather!

Brittney and Heather are both gone now, as is the work week, but I had so much fun while they were here! I'm sure everyone went home exhausted, as it should be, because we walked all over this city! I hope that they feel like they got a good DC vacation! We certainly saw a lot!  I already wrote about what we did Friday, so here is what went down on Saturday:

First, we walked up to the National Cathedral. Mine and Blake's apartment is about half a mile away from it--we can even see it from our window--so we decided to trek up there and check it out! The grounds and architecture are absolutely beautiful, and we had a blast taking pictures and touring around.
We also took advantage of the photo opportunities that abounded all over the place of course! I love that my friends are so photogenic!
My beautiful best friends!
Pretty fountain.
Jumping pictures are the best!
After this, we headed to the opposite end of Georgetown to get to the waterfront area! Blake and I had a big surprise to unveil... We bought tickets for a cruise on the Potomac River!!! It was absolutely FANTASTIC! We loved it!
The Lincoln Memorial and the Watergate steps!
...with the Washington Monument behind it!
All four of us on the water!
When we got in line for the 6:15 boat, we didn't think we'd make it 'til the next boat that would have left at 7.  We got all the way to the front when we realized that a group from India had rented the boat! However, Blake and I chatted up a guy who worked on the boat after the people behind us had been really rude to him and the other people working there... AND he "found room" on the ship for the four of us! We ended up with great spots in the front of the boat and truly enjoyed our cruise! The ride was about an hour long and we got to hear all sorts of fun facts about the city!

After an eventful morning, afternoon, and evening we headed back to our apartment and made spaghetti! It was just great to hang out and enjoy each others' company. We started to watch Naked Gun, but Heather and I fell asleep watching it (without realizing it haha!!), and Blake and Brittney retired to their beds (separate beds of course haha) before it was over as well. Sleep for another eventful day :)


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