Sunday, February 20, 2011

President's Weekend

It's been simply beautiful in our nation's capital this week. The temperatures even hit 75 degrees! I ate lunch outside and made excuses to go out in between classes. And when I had to study (I had a big paper due on Thursday) I studied by a window! :) 

This weekend it's supposed to get colder again. This morning it's 35 degrees. Oh well, February is supposed to be cold anyway! 

This weekend we stayed in and enjoyed each others company. We started watching Avatar, but no one warned me that's it's ridiculously long! We ended up pausing in the middle and finishing it up on Saturday night. 
Great Movie!
 We worked on homework all day Saturday morning and afternoon, and then went running and worked out before dinner. Working out was all Blake's idea, haha, but with all the things he's learning about in medical school, he decided we need to be healthier! But after we got done working out, we got hungry so we made hamburgers! Thanks to my mom for putting together a care package for us, and thanks to my dad who brought it up here, and thanks to Blake's mom for the baked bean we ate beside it! And I could go on and on (My grandfather who raised the beef, Anais Riggs who bought us the George Foreman grill where we made the burgers, Mr. and Mrs. Martin who bought us the glasses we drank out of, the Upchurch family who bought us the placemats our food set on, etc.) but our entire apartment seems to be gifts from the wedding, so I'll just have to say a HUGE thank you again to everyone who sent us gifts. It's made our lives so much easier!
Yum, yum! Burgers, hashbrowns, baked beans and candles!

We make burgers classy.

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