Sunday, July 31, 2011

Shear Madness!

Blake and I e-mail pretty regularly throughout the work day, and I got a surprising e-mail from him at the beginning of July.  All it said was 'I found something fun for us to do this weekend.'  That weekend found us atop the Kennedy Center, waiting to be seated for our first ever performance!
 The views from the wraparound terrace were absolutely breathtaking.  We wish we would have taken Brittney and Heather up here when they visited!  We know for next time though!  The spires you see on the right in the above picture belong to Healy Hall, which you might remember is where Blake's White Coat Ceremony took place almost a year ago!
 The river you see is the Potomac.  This is the same river that Brittney, Heather, Blake, and I cruised on Saturday night that they were in town!
Some monument and memorial action
 The Kennedy Center is a beautiful building, and it's one of the historic buildings that we can see from our rooftop.  At night, when the building is lit up, the Kennedy Center glows and is really pretty.
Studly man

Blake bought us tickets, through an online deal that sells them for half off close to the date of the show, to see a performance of the show Shear MadnessShear Madness is one of the longest running, non-musical plays in the world! Part of the reason it is still performed is because much of the dialogue is improvised and the jokes are consistently reworked to include pop culture references.  DC's Kennedy Center is actually the second place, after Boston, that the play was performed.  It's been playing here since 1987! Which I'll give you a hint... was the year Blake and I were born! That's a long time!

Kennedy Center Fountain in the front of the building
The play was absolutely great!  It's a comedic whodunit that's set up in a barber shop. The owner of the building where the shop is set is murdered and the employees of the shop, a client, a DC cop, an antique dealer are left to figure out who the murderer is. The audience gets involved as well and gets to ask questions of the suspects.  Blake and I really felt like insiders, laughing at all the DC comedy jokes :)

It was a really great experience, and I love that Blake found these great tickets for a good price!


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