Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blake's Birthday Weekend

I love birthdays so much, and when they fall on weekends, they're even better. Why, you may ask... Because you can celebrate all freakin' weekend, baby!

Blake's birthday was on Sunday, July 31st, but we celebrated starting Friday night and all through the weekend!

I got home from work with a beautiful birthday cake from Safeway:
This cake, lemme tell ya, is absolutely delicious! It's almond buttercream yellow cake with raspberry filling. ohmygoodness. We've been snacking on it since July (haha because it's August now! albeit the third day)!
We also went up to the rooftop and enjoyed the view. Washington DC must have realized it was a special day as well because we got a beautiful sunset:

 I caught Blake contemplating what life has been like in his 24th year of living on this planet. Well, maybe that's what he was thinking anyway...

After watching the sunset and contemplating what a beautiful neighborhood we live in, we headed back to the apartment for a little dinner-and-a-movie action.
This is actually not quite dinner. I recycled an old picture and realized that this pita pocket has chicken in it. It's close to our dinner though! We had couscous, pepper jack cheese, tomato, and sauteed mushroom and green peppers on a pita with greek yogurt topping. Yummmmmmmy.

Murder by Death!
 Murder by Death is a 1976 whodunit comedy about a group of the most prominent detectives called to a mansion to investigate a murder that will take place at midnight! It was fun to watch, and it had Maggie Smith (Professor McGonnagal) in it, which is always a plus in my book!

On Saturday, Blake and I ate at a local place next door to us called Z Burger. It was really cheap and REALLY good, though all that grease made us super lethargic! Today was all about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2!
And it did not disappoint!  Even the price was worth it! I bought a Living Social deal recently where you pay $9 for two movie tickets. When I entered in my code at checkout, it took off $25.50 and replaced it with my $9. BAM!

Blake and I have been big Harry Potter fans from our tweens through today. I started reading HP in 6th grade when my science teacher read us a couple of the first chapters of the first book. Blake  started in 7th grade. From then on it's been all the midnight book sales and movie tickets we could get to! For Christmas one year, I got a boxed HP Clue game (think 'Draco Malfoy in the Potions Class with Petrificus Totalus...) We even kind of look like the main characters in my humble opinion!:)
So today I read recaps on all the books and read the spark notes for the last book, just to stay abreast of the situation! Don't get me wrong, I've read all the books many times! But I'm definitely a book-over-movie girl, and since I haven't read the last book in about a year, I wanted a refresher course!

So after all that HP has meant to us all these years, the only picture I got of this momentous occasion is this one:
Blurry much?
 You can't even really tell that it's a ticket stub...

Anyway, Sunday, Blake's actual date of birth he got to open his presents! I went with a past and present theme in the presents.
 This is a coffee table book called The Spirit of Nashville. It has a bunch of these posters that an artist made in a series about Nashville. I put tabs throughout the book of places that meant a lot to Blake and I during our dating/college years. For example, there is one poster with Lipscomb on it and there are other posters depicting Radnor Lake, the Parthenon, Bluebird Cafe, etc. which are places where we went on dates. Anyway, it's really cool and has lots of history in it. Makes our coffee table look GOOD.

 Yes, it's a Harry Potter bag. Dorothy, my wonderful mother-in-law got me all sorts of gift wrapping goodies as a wedding present, and I was so excited to use this bag! Of course, we'll be recycling it, so don't mention it if you recognize your gift bag ;)
 And here's the present part of the present! I Heart DC! Haha we love our coffees and teas, so this present will be very useful! In fact, Blake is drinking out of it right now!!

We went to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner.  This picture is very dark, but I think I prefer it that way because my eyes are half closed and I look weird.

We rounded out the birthday evening by watching Enemy of the State with one of my all-time faves... WILL SMITH!
It's about a group of National Security Administration agents who kill a Congressman and use government security to cover their tracks.  Will Smith gets caught up in the middle of it and he's brilliant of course. I'm slightly biased toward anything Will Smith. In case you couldn't tell.

Well that's it for Blake's birthday! It was a great weekend!

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  1. I like the poster. Seems like a great weekend.


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