Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Stay at Home Husband

After completing my third to last course of the year on Friday, I (Blake) have been on Spring Break. This break could not have come at a better time though. I was beginning to get burned out and certainly am benefiting from the reprieve. Further, I have been entertaining the idea of what it would be like to be a stay at home husband. I have been taking my sweet lady love to school and picking her up. I've been doing all the chores and have been doing the cooking. I've also got to catch up on some good reading and have been able to relax and listen to classic music as I meditate (read: sleep) on the couch. I've been bored for the first time in months (being bored is such a blessing). Basically, my job this week (until Friday when I get ready to do the Medical Wilderness Adventure Race in Newport New, Virginia) is to make Catie's life as easy as possible! What a great job that is!

On Saturday night, Catie and I decided to pick up some food on M street and do a little window shopping. Highlight: stopping at Banana Republic (my favorite clothing store) and looking at all the outfits that we both loved, none of which we could come close to affording. Next, we walked down to the movie theater to see an awesome movie for free! Catie, my little bargain beater, got us two free movie tickets through living social! We cashed in the tix to see "The Adjustment Bureau" with everyone's favorite--Matt Damon. It was a great movie with a sci-fi twist that really did a good job of balancing dynamics. I highly recommend it.

Now I'm off to fluff some pillows to make sure my Catie's neck doesn't get sore. She's being a cutie over there studying all hard. I love my wife.

That's all for now folks. Talk to ya soon!

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