Monday, June 27, 2011

Exploring DC: Dupont Circle

 Saturday afternoon found Blake and me in Dupont Circle.  I'm almost done with my Public Interest Lawyering summer course that goes along with my internship this summer.  The class has a giant research project due at the end of this week, and my professor asked to meet with us all individually to discuss it. My appointment was in the early afternoon, and Blake tagged along since the meeting was only supposed to last half an hour. After finding the right Starbucks (we went to the wrong one first!!) and finishing up the meeting, Blake and I decided to explore Dupont a little bit!

Dupont Circle is a neighborhood a few miles from where we live.  It's north from my law school, so we're not usually near there, even though we each have friends that live there. There's a big traffic circle there, and it's always really busy. Traffic circles are absolutely terrifying. They involve a lot of aggressive driver yielding, car honking, bicycle dodging, pedestrian jaywalking, and high blood pressure! I hate driving around the many traffic circles in DC! But for today, Blake and I were pedestrians, which was probably safer anyway!

We walked around and took in the sights. In the middle of the circle is a giant fountain with benches set up, and there were quite a few small dogs on leashes with their owners. It's a historic location in the city and it has lots of embassies, restaurants, bookstores, coffee shops, apartments, and shopping.  One fun thing that happens in Dupont Circle each year is called the Dupont Circle High Heel Race! It happens each year on the Tuesday before Halloween, and I plan on getting there some time to watch the festivities! People line the streets and at 9 PM, a bunch of men dressed in drag (with high heels of course!) race about three blocks! I've heard it's really fun!

Blake and I used a Living Social coupon to get $5 off our dinner at a pub called James Hoban's.

I ordered a delicious Muffaletta with fries.... Hmmm...

And Blake ordered a delicious burger with fried pickles and fries!
It was delicious and it's always fun to try out a new place!  The fries were really good too!

Afterward, we headed over to the Watergate to watch a movie with one of my law school friends, Rachel! We watched the Social Network and hung out and caught up on our summers so far!

Overall it was a terrific night! I'm really loving this summer and taking advantage of the fun city we live in!


  1. At one time I was intimidated by traffic circles. But not now. We encountered many in 2005 when driving from Amsterdam to Sweden. After driving all day we finally arrived in the town of Lund, our destination, and entered a traffic circle. We circled within it a number of times while Dorothy and I "discussed" which way to exit from it, staying till we finally made a decision. Must admit she was right. But it was disconcerting at times in the circles when bicyclists would suddenly cut in front.

  2. Awww... so what you're saying is that Derek and I need to go to Europe on vacation in order to not be intimidated by traffic circles?! I like what you're thinking! I mean, if it's absolutely necessary, how can we possibly decline a Euro Vacation??

    Haha but yes, the bicyclists are terrifying.

  3. Yes, you need a European vacation. And, we do to! One of these days.

  4. I can't stand it. "too" not "to" sorry.


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