Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Random Last Minute Beach Trip!

Blake and I are not spur-of-the-moment type people usually, but Blake and I were the epitome of spontaneous when I got off work on Friday and we decided to head to the beach early the next morning (This actually happened back on the 16th, but I've been a lame late blogger recently)!

Blake started his Medical Education Research Seminar today, so the weekend of the 16th was one of our last free weekends (because we were going out of town the next weekend for a beautiful wedding... more updates to come!).  Plus, we've never lived this close to the beach so we needed to take advantage!  We quickly got to it, looking up which beach to head to and picking out clothes to wear and books to read.  We got up a little after 6 AM and were on our way!

It wasn't too long before we started seeing beach. We were only on the road for about 3 hours, though traffic was pretty bad once we got closer to Ocean City, Maryland.
We didn't realize that we had to pay a toll at one point, and we grumbled about it for a little while, wishing that we had put the GPS to find ways around the toll roads, until we saw this HUGE bridge SPANNING AN OCEAN. Seriously, it was the biggest bridge I've ever seen. That zipped mine and Blake's little complaining mouths right up! :)
Before noon, we were on the beach relaxing in the sand! It was a busy day, but I didn't mind it one bit. After spending all summer in an office (me) or in the apartment (Blake), we were ready to see some other human life forms! We read, sunbathed, and enjoyed the waves and beach. I got a super bad sunburn on my back, which is one place I didn't think to put sunscreen.... I paid for that decision!

We had a few goals for our beach trip (I told you we're not TOO spontaneous!)
1. Read on the beach. CHECK.
2. Eat Crab Cakes! CHECK.
This was such a fun little restaurant on the boardwalk overlooking the ocean! The food was really good too... we were so hungry!

3. Play Mini-Golf. CHECK.

Somehow, and this is amazing, Blake and I had never played mini-golf before together! Now, in my family, mini golf is a vacation staple. My little brother, Benji, was a mini-golfing fiend. I'm estimating that I have played mini golf a total of 500 billion times.   And Blake is a pro golfer, so mini golf is like the ultimate show-off for him.  And yet, after nearly five years of being awesome together, we have never played mini-golf! That all changed on our beach trip!


4. Walk on the Beach at Sunset. CHECK.
Our last name '11 :)
The Boardwalk was bustlin' when Blake and I walked around after dark! We had so much fun people watching and enjoying our one day vacation to Ocean City.  The beach was beautiful too. I loved the Ferris Wheel and the balloons in the air. So pretty!

Finally, we headed home around 11 PM and got in around 1 AM. There are no pictures because Blake and I were fighting to stay awake at this point! Haha jk, we were fine. I had a book on tape, which I love, and so I listened to it as we got closer to home! The traffic was great on the way back! :)


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