Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Night

Monday, October 31, found us in the home of our friends Cat & Jeff for a Pumpkin Party!!  Why, Catie, what is a pumpkin party?  Well, it's a party where all the food has a pumpkin ingredient!  And we all wear costumes!  And we hang out and have fun with friends!!

My main man, Blake, fixed us up a delicious pumpkin inspired treat to bring with the help of his mother's recipe... Pumpkin Muffins with Cream Cheese frosting and sprinkles of pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon!  I wish I had a picture, but they were kind of awesome and kind of eaten super quickly.

Blake and I had little time to complete a costume, but I'm pretty proud of what we threw together last minute!  Can you tell what we are??
Though I may be dressed like a certain medical student who may or may not be a co-author of this blog, I went as a doctor....
Blake's costume is a little more conceptual.  I'll give you a hint... the green LEAFY thing on his head is important, as is the COLOR of his shirt, and the fact that he is HOT... got it yet?

He's a Pepper!!
 TOGETHER WE MAKE DR. PEPPER!  Bahaha it worked for us!  And might I just say that scrubs are definitely quite comfortable!

 Cat and Jeff went as Salt and Pepper.  Great job!
Pumpkin Party Pals!
 I think he's the best.

And what holiday is complete without a little holiday socks??
Thankfully, Blake and I were shut up in the northern regions of Georgetown, because some pretty creepy stuff happened about a mile and a half from our humble abode.

Every year (evidently... ) there's a big party down on M Street in Georgetown.  I took the bus ride back after work around 6, and the party hadn't started yet but I could see police in position to start shutting down some of the roads in preparation for the big party.  Unfortunately, during the party, there was a fight, and a 17-year-old was shot near M Street and 28th.  We were nowhere near it, but I pass that place every single day on the way to school.  It's weird to think how close that was to us!

Halloween was just not a good night in DC.  There were a total of 5 shootings in the District, several fights, and even some pepper spray detonation!  And I don't mean the type of pepper that Blake went as for Halloween!

Yikes... anyway, we are safe and sound and had a great Halloween anyway! Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

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