Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Dad's Visit to DC!

I don't know how this keeps working out, but it seems like my dad always has work in the city I am living! When I went to Lipscomb and my parents moved to Maryland, Dad would fly into Nashville a couple of times a semester for work, and we would always go get dinner somewhere. Now, Dad works in DC a couple of times a semester, and I get to see him here too! I guess that's only two cities. Maybe Blake and I will have to move again to see if my theory is correct... Haha not for at least 3 more years though!

Dad and I both managed to take an evening off, and we saw some of the sights around the Capital. It was unusually warm weather for February, so it was very pleasant for walking around outside--and we did a lot of walking! Unfortunately, Blake was still in school when we were out and about, but we met him for dinner afterward!

First, we went toward the Mall and saw a tribute to the signers of the Declaration of Independence, where each of the signers had a plaque that told their occupation and some other fun facts. There was also a lot of duck poop so we didn't stay too long. :) Next we went and saw a huge statue of Albert Einstein! Very unique.

 We also saw the National Academy of Science.
 Then we headed to the American History Museum, and we got in even more exercise walking through many of the exhibits. I loved the First Lady's dresses exhibit, but I don't think Dad was nearly as excited as I was (or as the group who was doing a scavenger hunt nearby who pushed past us). We did sit for a long time in the Hall of Presidents and watched a documentary on the past assassinations and attempted assassinations.

While we were in the Hall of Presidents, I got to try my hand at being Presidential... I believe I read President Reagan's "Tear down this wall!" speech overhead and  appeared authoritative! Haha Dad put this picture up on facebook and the caption said something about foreshadowing! Haha I might be living in Washington, DC but I don't have any plans to become the President! However, it would be awesome to add Blake's inaugural suit to the Hall of First Ladies... Just a thought!
 We also went to an exhibit that talked about life in the country during those early years. There are several interactive exhibits, and one was on laundry. They had a bucket that was supposed to be as heavy as the one the ladies in the olden days used to lift for the laundry. I determined that I would not have been a very domestic woman back in the day! There was another exhibit of an old Navy uniform, and since Dad was in the Navy, I got a picture!
 Well, aside from that outing, we ate dinner together most nights that Dad was in town, and we hung out a little bit. It was a great break from law/med school, and seeing family is always nice! My parents and brother are supposed to be coming to DC in June, though that's the week I start my job, but it will be great to see them! 


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