Monday, October 17, 2011

Tennessee Weekend!

I was sneaky this weekend.  I left the District to go to Tennessee, but readers of the blog probably couldn't even tell!  So sneakkyy... I just didn't want someone to know that I was out of the town and try to break into the apartment and steal all of our  expensive IKEA furniture!  Ha.  But now that I am back, and my apartment is secure, I will tell you all my fun adventures in Tennessee!

It started out with a late night Megabus, just like always.  I woke up in Tennessee and studied at a local Panera while waiting for my wonderful friend, Heather, to come get me!
We do stuff like this. She's awesome!
From there, we roadtripped to Nashville!  Our friend, Courtney, moved into the same apartment complex as Heather, so we hung out with her and got dinner all together!  I sure miss Apartment 835 with all 8 of us girls!

That night, we went to hang out with the Bride-to-be and wedding party!  Ashley and I have been friends since sophomore year of college when I randomly was in her room one day with Summer! Haha she likes to remind me of that.  I am so glad that I was able to make it to her wedding this fall.
Last night of singleness (for Ashley, not me of course)!
We tried fruitlessly to watch the movie, Bridesmaids, but we had dvd issues with the TV.  We ended up giggling and talking until late instead, which was probably better anyway!

The wedding was really beautiful!  It was country chic, and the weather was perfect!  Describing it is not nearly as fun as looking at pictures, so I give you: Nathan and Ashley's Wedding!
Such cute decorations!

Sum sum summer!

Mr. and Mrs.

Me and Courtney right after the wedding!

Advice table

First Dance!

Yummmm fruit tea!

7 of the 8 roommates! We missed you Lindsey!

Goofy faces! We have so many of these pictures!
Me and Ashley! Love her!

OMG Pumpkin cupcakes. AMAZING!

We walked out to the bridge over the water for pictures! I love this shot!
I'm so happy for Nathan and Ashley and that I got to see so many friends from Lipscomb!


  1. I LOVE looking at wedding photos... :) Weddings are all so beautiful! LOVE the choice in decorations.

  2. What a beautiful wedding! You are very lucky to have this many girlfriends.


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