Saturday, May 21, 2011

Catching up with People in TN!

Chattanooga to Smyrna to Nashville to Smyrna to Sparta to Chattanooga to Knoxville to Washington, DC.

Yeah, you read that right. We had a busy, busy traveling day on Friday and Saturday and my trip to Tennessee came to an end. On Friday, after Ben got out of school, my whole family loaded up and headed out to Smyrna. Becca is going to Guatemala, and she flew out of Nashville's airport early early on Saturday morning. I went straight to my dear sweet wonderful old roommate's apartment. Heather and I left from there to go to Nashville! We met more sweet wonderful old roommates for dinner at El Mariachi!  We had so, so much fun!
Summer, Heather, Emma, Courtney, and Me!
Seriously, every girl should be lucky enough to live with other girls at some point in her life. You'll learn a lot about patience, friendship, and relationships, and you make friendships you'll never forget. Speaking of which, one of my friends who couldn't make it to the dinner JUST GOT ENGAGED! I am so happy for Ashley and Nathan! So many late nights were spent talking/gossiping/giggling about boys. I love that she and Nathan will be getting married now. She was on her way back from the beach, so we couldn't hang out...But I tried to talk all of these girls to come take a vacation in DC sometime!!!! We went to Sweet Cece's after dinner and sat there for over 3 hours talking! Love them all!

When I got back to Aunt Kathy's house late last night, Becca and Brad and I stayed up until the early hours of the morning talking and looking at this hilarious website about parents texting! We ended up going to bed for about half an hour... and then taking Becca to the airport for Guatemala!
Adios Hermana!
After that, it was time to sleep and then take Granny Bettye back home in Sparta. We went back to Chattanooga and rescued our cat (we're not quite sure how, but she got trapped up in the attic. Poor thing had no water all day! She's fine now though) and then took me to Knoxville for my final leg of the journey!

My Megabus experience has been pretty nice thus far. I took the evening busses each time and slept on the way. That's worked out pretty nicely, though the sleep isn't the best in the world haha. On the way to Tennessee, the bus pulled out at 11 and we arrived in Knoxville around 8 AM. The trip cost me $5. Totally worth it! On the way back, I left on Saturday, so I paid $21. The bus pulled out at 10:30 PM and we arrived in DC at 6:30 AM! 

Well, hope you enjoyed reading about my Tennessee trip! 

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