Monday, October 31, 2011

Brittany's Wedding!

On Saturday, I went to see the wedding of my beautiful cousin, Brittany!  I love weddings so much.  I recently got this funny message from a friend in high school:

It made me laugh so hard! Hahahah.

My dad took some 'unofficial' video and I had a long Megabus ride back to DC, so I worked away on the video and finished it right as we got into DC!  Here's the video:

And here's some pictures from the wedding:

Brittany's nephew, Frank, being rolled down the aisle!

Just married!
Wedding cake
Camo cake
Aunt Annette. And me and Becca are doing the same pose. :)
First dance
Daddy daughter dance
Maid of honor speech made me cry
Tossing the bouquet!

Hope everyone has a great Halloween! 

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