Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How Did I Spend My Birthday?

Is it just me, or have I posted a lot of things about my birthday?  I think I've posted a lot of things about my birthday.  I hate to break it to you, but birthdays in the middle of the school year are about the most exciting things to happen in a semester, so bear with me, because I'm posting one last birthday post!

I woke up to a birthday breakfast with my best friend, Heather, at a Panera!  I love Panera's cards that they've started because I got a birthday cinnamon roll and a coffee for only $0.86. 
 Seriously, how cute is she??
 It's my party... I'll eat carbs and sugar for breakfast if I want to! :)
Cute story: While Heather and I were eating, this ADORABLE little boy with curly blonde hair and huge brown eyes sat at a table nearby with his back to us.  About halfway through our epically long breakfast, we noticed that he kept turning around and smiling at us all shy-like.  After that we'd catch his eye and smile and he'd blush and giggle and turn back around to his mom.  He was so cute... at one point, he pointed to us and asked his mom if we were princesses!  Seriously adorable!!  This of course begs the question... Did Blake hire an adorable toddler to compliment me for my birthday?  I know, we're all thinking it!  I asked but he said no.  ;) right, Blake, sure you didn't!

After being fawned over by a small child, it was time for Brittany's wedding with my family!  All 5 of us together again!
Anyone see the sibling resemblance??
Classic car picture

 After the wedding, I got to see my Aunt (Mom's sister) Kathy, and then my family celebrated the 24th anniversary of my birth with Frozen Yogurt from Sweet Cece's!

I did their hair! Love me some side braids lately.

That's it!! You've made it through all 24 blog posts of my 24th Birthday!  I actually didn't do 24.  But here's all the blogs I did this year that mentioned my birthday.  Yikes!
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Brittany's Wedding!

Birthday Presents!



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