Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Marcus and Suzy's Wedding!

Blake and I are overwhelmingly happy for Marcus and Suzy! They got married on Saturday July 23rd, and we still get all emotional when we think about their beautiful wedding weekend! If you are interested in seeing a video of their big day, I made one that you can watch here:

Blake and I hopped a plane (thanks so much Justin for driving us to the airport!) in DC and headed southward! We got to the airport in Memphis around 10 PM and were greeted by Blake's dad, Steve. From there, we finally FINALLY got to meet the beautiful Suzy! And she is just as sweet and wonderful as we've been hearing.
The next morning, Dorothy, Suzy and I loaded up a car and went to the church where Marcus and Suzy were having the ceremony and reception. Wowzers, we worked our butts off! We got there by late morning and started working immediately. We left the church around 11 PM. Needless to say, I had no trouble sleeping the night before the wedding! Of course, I am not sure I can say the same about Suzy. I don't know, but I remember the night before my wedding... I tossed and turned and finally gave up and started getting ready at 7 in the morning for the wedding that took place at 5:30 in the afternoon!

I didn't take a lot of pictures throughout the whole weekend because I was in charge of videoing (my favorite job ever!) and making sure everyone knew when and with whom they were supposed to be walking down the aisle. I kind of got to play the job of wedding planner (which is also one of my favorite movies) which was really fun! Dorothy and I have decided that if law school doesn't work out, we're opening up a wedding planning service!
For a taste of what went into the decorating, we: put together flower arrangements (with the help of Angie the next day as well), made pew decorations, moved tables and chairs, laid out tablecloths and found creative ways to iron them, managed to fit a TON of food into the refrigerator, made signs, hung balloons, cut fruit, laid out flower petals, moved candelabras, laid out silver, drove to Tupelo to pick up flowers and food, unwrapped cups and plates for the next day, and managed to have a rehearsal dinner too!
Suzy's Bouquet. I am so proud of us for putting these together haha

Beautiful candelabra.
I made that poster! :)
The day of the wedding was so fun and beautiful.

 Suzy's dress was so intricate and beautiful! I loved the bustle (which we let out for the ceremony) and the lacey, beaded sleeves! It looked so pretty on her. I teared up when I first saw her.
Don't they look happy?
First Glance
 Marcus with his groomsmen! These guys were so fun! Adam, in the middle, came all the way from California.  Justin, on the far right, came all the way from Baltimore. I especially love the other one! He came from DC, just in case you were wondering! ;)
The whole bridal party! What a great looking group!
During the wedding, I continued my role as wedding planner, music cue-er, guest book attendant, and wedding videographer...

After the beautiful ceremony, it was time to PARTY!  The reception was so great, and I think everyone had a great time! They were introduced into the reception area:
Photo cred: Jeff Waldrup
 They cut cake:

And they were sent off amid a flurry of eco friendly confetti! Overall, it was a beautiful wedding, and Marcus and Suzy looked great and couldn't stop smiling the entire day. Nothing wrong with that!
We love you, Marcus and Suzy, and we are so happy that you guys are together! I can't wait til we all get to hang out together again!



  1. Weddings are so much fun!Congratulations to the couple!

  2. Very nice account of this wonderful event!



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