Monday, December 26, 2011

Catie's Family Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, Blake and I drove back out to the Nashville area for a Christmas Eve celebration with my dad's side of the family.

Hmm... that kind of sounds like a small group.  It was not small!
This is a large portion of my aunts, uncles, and first cousins on my dad's side!
It was really fun to see everyone again.  Living so far away makes it hard to see extended family, so I was glad for an evening devoted to nothing but catching up with family.  Plus, one of our good friends-of-the-family dabbles in photography, and she offered to take pictures of the family for us!
Ben, Becca, Mom, Dad, Blake and me!
The whole family took some pictures waaaaaayyy back in the day (in my awkward teen years) and each individual family wore a different color.  My fam was super fashionable.  We wore khaki pants, blue jean button-up shirts, and white turtlenecks underneath. 

The plan was to do something like that on Christmas Eve, but things have gotten trickier with marriages and stuff.  Blake and I opted for a maroon color, and the rest of my family went with a light blue thing.  Not everyone ended up doing the family colors, but Blake and I are matchy-matchy!  On purpose this time!
And with every gathering of any significance comes a jump picture!  Here's the girl cousins:
 And here's the guys, including spouses, my grandfather, and uncles!

We also did a Dirty Santa with around 30 people!!  I always love playing Dirty Santa, even if some games go better than others, but Blake and I did great for ourselves this year!
 Blake won a really cute brownie mix in a mason jar that my cousin, Rachel, put together.
I won some lip accessories!
We also celebrated my grandmother and grandfather's birthdays!  They were born one day and one year apart on December 30th and 31st.

So that's what we did on Christmas Eve! 
Notice anything about this picture?!

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