Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wow... I am One Lucky Girl

I just got done eating a delicious dinner by Blake! I would say from scratch, but when I say that, I instantly hear Carl Sagan in my head saying "If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe."  Blake came pretty close though--he made my day. And days are part of the universe!

Blake and I both had really long days -- we affectionately call them our 'marathon days' when our classes go all day long -- so I was not super excited about the hour and a half of waiting at the bus stop / being on the bus.  Blake had just got home after 7 hours of lecture.  According to Blake, he was exhausted and wanted to make me dinner and relax for a little bit.  LUCKY ME!

I walked in the door to this....

I wrote the prior blog post while I waited on the couch for him to tell me it was ready!  And when I did, I was most definitely surprised!
Delicious loaded baked potatoes!

Blake's own recipe for Black Bean Soup and some Green Beans!
AND THEN... as if that wasn't enough... a delicious smell beckoned me to the kitchen and entreated me to open the oven door. And when I did, I found this:
Though it did not have icing on it, if it did, it would have said:
Note: Not real icing. :)
And I would have agreed wholeheartedly with the icing that I just made up! Now, Blake and I are sitting on the couch eating brownies and watching an episode of Bones.  Then it's study study time!  Hope you all have had a great evening!


  1. our blog has the same name and your blog is coming up on my tweets, not sure how to fix it yet!

  2. Weird! What exactly do you mean? When we post does it go to your twitter account? Or is it a linking issue? Let's figure this out!


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