Monday, June 20, 2011

Blake's Back!

My weekend was spent cleaning and watching movies and enjoying having Blake back in Apartment 835! I picked him up at 7:00 AM on Sunday at the Megabus stop. Personally, I love the Megabus. It's cheap and let's me not drive, which means I can sleep! Poor Blake had some neck aches, but I think it was, overall, another successful Megabus experience.

At home, we ate a lot of yummy food.  I got some light smoked sausage on sale at the store and we fried it up on the skillet and ate it with biscuits! Then for lunch/snack I made a cute little summer meal:
Red peppers and carrots with Chipotle hummus

Ritz Crackers with turkey, salami, and pepperjack cheese!
Then we watched a movie that we probably should have already seen, since it was this year's Best Picture.... and we thoroughly enjoyed it!
I did some laundry, Blake did some dishes, and we still had some free time so we decided to go for a walk. That was a great decision for sure! We toured through some neighborhoods until we headed over to the National Cathedral.  We've been there a couple of times since moving here, but it is so pretty. We found a trail that winds through the Close (ah hah we're becoming DC natives. The Close is what the National Cathedral grounds are called!). By the time we left it was getting dark and a stick had stabbed my toe. It was a great break though!

So good to have Blake back with me!

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