Thursday, September 29, 2011

We Had A Visitor!

Living in a big city definitely has its perks!  Over the past couple of days, Blake and I have played host to a friend of ours who went to Lipscomb and lives in Los Angeles.  He was in town for an interview, and the apartment is definitely the most happening place to be before interviews, so he slept on our couch!
Blake S. is a science type like my Blake, and they are actually a lot alike.  We had a great time hanging out over the past couple of days. I'm really hoping the interview works out because it would be awesome if he came out to DC!  On Tuesday night, we went to Cafe Romeo's (a really cute, locally owned and operated pizzeria really close to where we live) to celebrate Blake S.'s interview and Blake's first of 4 tests successfully completed!
Blake's M2 class is on a quarter system this year, which means they take 4 sets of finals instead of two sets of finals like semester schedules do.  His tests this quarter covered: immunology, pharmacology, pathology, immune regulation/disregulation, hematology and hematologic oncology, and viral infectious diseases. WHEW!  Today finds him in studying for test 2 of 4.

Sadly, we weren't able to really show Blake around the city, but whatever, he's from LA so he hit the streets himself!
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Blake did a White House Tour this morning, and he got to see Bo -- President Obama and family's dog!  Fun fact, Bo is a Portuguese Water Dog.  President Harry Truman is quoted as saying "If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog."  Based on that adorable picture down there, I think I'd trade some of my friends. Just kidding!
Blake went down and saw some of the Smithsonian Museums too. Then, he got the full DC experience -- he was detained by a passing Presidential Motorcade! Are you just dying to know what that's like?

He was only here from Monday until today, but I think he made the most of his trip!  And now he's back in LA.
 Even though Blake and I were busy, we really enjoyed hanging out with Blake S.! Now back to being studious!

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