Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fun Things I See Everyday

Because of the area of DC where Blake and I live, where I work, and where I go to school, I get to see some really cool aspects of the District. I think I'm going to throw in a few 'Fun Things I See' posts to let you feel like you're here too!

First up, this bridal shop! Not exactly what a lot of people come to DC to see, but I think it's a neat shop. They have a different dress up just about everyday, and it's within a few minutes of our apartment by bus. It reminds me of fun wedding planning, but let's be clear.. .wedding planning is much more fun once you're married! I am not exactly sure why, but it's very stressful to plan your own wedding, and I was not one of those girls who thought about weddings for years leading up to my own! Funny story, once, Blake and I were walking down the street, and I stopped and looked at the dress in the window. Some random dude walking by muttered to Blake: "Watch out for that one!" I was like, "Dude, we're already married" Hahaha. Sorry for the poor picture quality. It was taken through the bus window, hence the smudges from greasy heads. I feel like this gives you the appropriate viewpoint though since this is often how I see things out the bus window!

Ok another fun thing I see everyday on the way to work is the Washington Monument, which has been especially cool after the earthquake! There have been engineers crawling all over it checking for foundational issues. It's been closed for repairs indefinitely. It makes me glad Blake and I went up last June!  Here's a couple pictures I took, and if you look closely at the black dots, you can see the engineers! I told my friend Summer, who's an engineer in Nashville, to come up to DC and hang out with us and on the Monument! No word yet on if she's bought those plane tickets, but I feel confident that if she showed up tomorrow, the engineering firm leading the project would hire her in an instant!
I definitely rotated this picture before I uploaded it. I dunno what happened. The arrow points to little dots which are actually people!
 Of course, I see lots of very strange things on the bus or in the general vicinity of where I work. I first of all have no inclination to take pictures of the people who are doing weird things, but I am also pretty sure that would be illegal or could qualify as a tortious invasion of privacy (right??). I don't know that for a fact though, and I'm not sure that my law school offers a class on Blogging and the Law. Actually, my school offers a plethora of classes so I might have just looked over that one! Whatever! Here's one picture of an odd sight that I did take and don't mind sharing:
 What's up with that?? I'm fairly certain it's not cool to maneuver segways on a busy street like Pennsylvania Avenue! On the other hand, I did see a segway-ist (definition: person who operates a segway) on M Street during early morning traffic one day. The bus was huge next to him, and I was genuinely concerned for his welfare. :)
Hope you enjoyed Installment Numero Uno of random / fun things I see on my way to school / work in DC!

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