Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sunday with Brittney and Heather!

Sunday was a lot of fun, but we decided to take it a little bit slower than our previous days. Since it was the day before the 4th of July as well, we decided to stay out of the downtown area and hang out it our own neighborhood!  Blake and I found a cute little park near where we live a couple of weeks ago, and we knew immediately that we would take Brittney and Heather there when they arrived.
I'm going to go ahead and say what we're all thinking... STUD.

Cute little bridges. This park reminds me of the Smokies.

Model pose! On a mini waterfall I guess :)

 We also found a playground after exploring the park, and we jumped on some swings and monkey bars to relive our days at elementary school.
Then, we headed to Blake's school since it was so close by and because it has a Hogwarts look-a-like building! After a look about Blake's school and into his classrooms, we headed back to the apartment.

Sunday was a bitter sweet day because our dear sweet Heather was heading back to Tennessee.

JUST KIDDING!!!!!! Heather's airline played a practical joke on us and delayed her flight. Right after Blake, Brittney, and I got back into the city and bought a pizza for dinner, we got a call from Heather. Brittney and I drove back out to Reagan National Airport and picked her up! We were so excited to get another night with her, and we stayed up late for girl talk!

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