Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Cousin's Graduation!

My cousin, Brittany, graduated from college on Saturday, and all of my side of the family plus me and Blake showed up to show our support!  This is the same Brittany who just got married:
 And here she is graduating:
 Because of some poor planning on my part, we almost missed Brittany walking across the stage!  Up until like three nights ago, I though Brittany graduated on Sunday.  When I found out it was Saturday, I was relieved because I had to take Heather to the airport on Sunday.  BUT THEN, I found out I had them both wrong--both things happened on Saturday!  We took Heather to the airport and immediately drove to downtown Nashville.  We parked and walked/jogged to the auditorium for the graduation.

These are, word-for-word, the anxiety-inducing texts I received as Blake and I were parking and walking in and trying to find my family...
Becca: Hurry they're about to call her name!!!
Mom: How close are you guys... (*8 minutes later*) Close?... (*10 minutes later*) She hasn't walked yet but is in the queue.... Hurry!!

Blake and I rushed in and rushed to sit down with family.  Literally within 60 seconds of sitting down we heard "Brittany Crouch" and immediately stood up and started cheering!  I say that's about as perfect as timing can get!

Cool statue at TSU!
 Afterward, we all headed to Red Robin (yummm!) for dinner!  So much fun to see everyone!
Becca and Brittany. That's Brittany's new husband, Robert, behind her!
Me and Brittany!
This is Brittany's nephew, and he is soooo adorable!
Dad with Frank

Blake, Brittany, and me!
Tell my little brother to stop getting so tall!
Becca and Brittany again
Blake and me!
 These are some of my younger cousins.  Aren't they the cutest?
Diva pose! Haha
This was the closet thing to a group shot we could get!  It's not everybody, but it was a pretty good turnout!
 Afterward, my family went back to Becca's apartment for games and hanging out. Becca had to babysit and wouldn't be coming back to my parent's house with us.

Congratulations again Brittany!  Whichever school gets you as a teacher is very lucky!

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