Thursday, June 16, 2011

Followed By a Great Sunday!

 On Sunday, Blake and I parted ways. I headed south and he headed east! I went south to Chattanooga to see my beautiful family! I pulled up to their church and caught them before Bible class and whisked them away to lunch!
At Olive Garden!
I even got to see Aunt Kathy for a little bit

Afterward we headed back to the house (Ben and I jammed in my car) and surveyed the garden that my parents have been growing. I should have taken a picture! Especially of the bean teepees. They're pretty awesome. We watched the beginning of Jurassic Park and hung out and talked and then got ready for....


I had an absolute blast at her wedding! We went to a beautiful chapel first for the ceremony...
And then headed off to the reception hall for some fun times and dancing with old friends! Almost all of my close group of high school friends were there (including the bride) and we danced and laughed and ate and had a great time!

For a little perspective...
Junior Prom (left to right): Megan Brown, Lorie, DeAna, and me!
 And look at us now:
Right to left: Pamela, Arielle, Lorie, me, Melissa, and DeAna
Aren't we a good looking group! We were missing Megan though ... :( She was at the ceremony but started a new job on Monday and had to travel back to Knoxville. Aww... good ole times though with this group of friends!

While I was dancing the night away, Blake and his parents were having some fun of their own! I wish I could have been in two places at once so I could have gone to Gatlinburg with them as well!
What a cute couple!

Some rock jumping...

At a waterfall..

A bucket of trash! Haha or a bucket of fried yummy food...

Moonshine Distillery!
And on top of all the fun things they did in Gatlinburg... THEY SAW A BEAR!
All in all, it was a terrific Sunday with family and friends!

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