Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Decorating!

Blake and I took Thursday to do some Holiday Celebrating!!  We woke up on the early side and popped some cinnamon rolls in the oven while we got ready.  Is there really any better way to wake up than with coffee and cinnamon rolls?!  After our sugar rush kicked in, Blake and I got to Christmas decorating.  It's been on my Google Calendar for awhile now (you think I'm joking but I'm not)!

We started out with a little Brenda Lee Christmas music on Pandora, but Blake and I quickly switched to one of my favorite parts of the holiday season -- MADE FOR TV CHRISTMAS MOVIES!!  The one we chose for Christmas decorating was ....

Holiday in Handcuffs

Can I give this movie an A+ for being exactly what I wanted it to be?! It had Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez and it ended happily and everyone was smiling and hugging.  The way a holiday movie should be!!!  These movies take me back to holidays with my family.  My sister and I were all about some holiday movies.  It seems like they always involve some sort of deception, but then the main actors fall in love.  It always ends well!  What's not to love?

Blake and I took the WHOLE MORNING OFF to decorate our place for Christmas.  I wish we could have cleaned up a little bit before I took these pictures because I'm a little embarrassed.  Don't notice the mess and just notice the CHEER:
That's kind of our 'before' shot haha
And here it is AFTER! It has ornaments this year!
Magnetic Kissy Dogs!
Our wall of Christmas Cards! Can't wait to add more!
Oh goodness, a blurry messy photo of our apartment. But you get a feel for it, right??
Our fun Christmas accessories, courtesy of Dorothy!
This is the entryway to our apartment from the hallway. I got those sweet stars (silver and navy, it's hard to tell) from a cute store in Nashville called Ten Thousand Villages. They are a fair trade retailer with handmade, artisan gifts. If you've got one near you, I highly recommend it!

We've got a few more little things that are displayed but not pictured. Ok random question: I've always called such things 'knickknacks' but I recently heard them referred to as 'tchotchkes.' I'm pretty sure the word is Yiddish, but is it also used regionally in the US?  Maybe it's my southern heritage ;)

As you may have noticed, Blake and I have been doing a touch of studying lately.  Blake is already done with classes for the semester and is gearing up for his first test on the FIRST of December. Yikes!  I have one week left in class and then my first exam is on the 6th.  If you think of us, send thoughts and prayer and good karma our way :)

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