Sunday, July 3, 2011

Friday with Heather and Brittney!

I had accompaniment on the way to work this morning... Heather and Blake rode with me!  Brittney landed at 9:30 and I started work at 9, so we did some carpooling to get to all the places we needed to be at the right time! Work decided to be really really busy, but it made the time pass by quickly. I finished my huge research paper for my Public Interest Lawyering class! It looks legit! I have to turn in the hard copy on Tuesday, and I will be so relieved to have that done.

At 2:15, I had visitors! I showed them my office, finished up the project I was working on, and jetted early for a long weekend! On the way back home, we could already feel the influx of people in the city. Thank goodness we don't have to drive much this weekend.

I am so glad that Heather and Brittney are here! When we turned up 33rd, I pointed out Georgetown Cupcake, which is the home of the television show DC Cupcake.  Heather has actually seen the show, so we decided to stop in and try them out! By stop in of course I mean wait in a line that was out the door. Haha it's always a long wait, but let me just say, it was totally worth it! And the line moved quickly anyway.
It helped that we took pictures of ourselves to pass the time.
I have a function on my phone called 'add me' that lets you take two pictures and merge them so that everyone is in it together, but it kind of cut Brittney out of the middle! We have one from Saturday that worked much better!
Inside the store...
Blake and Heather ordered a Lava Fudge, Brittney ordered a Red Velvet Cake, and I ordered their Friday special, the Strawberry.
I think it's safe to say that we all REALLY enjoyed the experience (Blake especially!)! We were even lucky enough to nab seats and enjoy from the comfort of a chair in the air conditioning!
Nevermind the girl in the work clothes. LAME.
On our way back to our apartment, we saw another thing that I've passed and never stopped to really look at. It was at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts. We stopped for a photo op!
We looked ridiculous getting on this thing!

Check out our giant chair!
We came home, and I changed into normal clothes and gave the grand tour of our apartment ("this is the living room/bedroom/dining room/sitting area/office..."). Then it was time to catch a bus!

Which led to more pictures...
Yes. We are all matching.
Public Transportation's never looked so good.
Blake and I had a surprise to take them to. A little thing called JAZZ IN THE GARDEN! It's a jazz band that plays in the National Gallery of Art's Sculpture Garden from April through September on Friday nights! Lemme just say, this place was hoppin'!
National Gallery of Art... with an ART TEACHER!

Fun Fact: During the winter, this pond is ice and the NGofA (-- made that up to save space! Dang, but I wasted space by explaining it...) sells tickets for ice skating! Blake and I have gotta get down here sometime!

We toured around and jammed to the jams, but after awhile, we decided to head somewhere new! We were in about the middle of the Mall, so we started toward the Capitol!
Got all four of us in! Notice: everyone is wearing dark blue shorts.
Um.. displaying the Capitol? :)
Pretty fountain area
 I guess I don't remember this pretty fountain area of the Capitol, but it was beautiful! We took pictures and wished on pennies.

Next, we headed to the other side of the Mall! We went through a cultural type extravaganza, and that seemed really cool! I took lots of video of this whole day, but the pictures kind of end soon... Just a warning :)

 We hit up the Washington Monument, the WWII Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial, and ended our day's tour on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial at sunset... That's alotta walking!

We finally headed back toward home. We stopped at TGIFriday's (on Friday!!) to get a bite to eat though!
We started a movie when we got home, but after all the work we'd done, we all fell asleep during it! Brittney turned it off and we all headed to bed--ready to go again tomorrow!


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