Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter's Ball with the School of Medicine!

Blake and I had the pleasure of attending the Georgetown SOM Winter Ball last Saturday with several friends! It was a semi-formal affair, which is always a blast, so we got all dolled up for a night out in DC! It's Restaurant Week in DC, where many of the local restaurants offer 3 course meals for a reduced price, so we got together with Blake's classmates--Justin and Allen, who also brought along his girlfriend Nicole. The night was so much fun! We ate at a restaurant called Floriana's which is a romantic little place near Dupont Circle that is in a converted row house. Very different than our previous dining experiences in DC! I had lasagna and Blake had the lobster ravioli, and they were both delicious!
Winter Ball!

From left to right: Nicole, Allen, Blake, me, and Justin at Floriana's!
After we ate a nice long dinner, we loaded into Allen's car and went to the Kennedy Center for the Ball! We found it and got inside, checked out coats (remind me never to do that again! haha), and hit the dance floor! Blake and I haven't danced that much since our wedding!

We got home around 2 in the morning and might have been asleep by about 2:05! We were exhausted, but we all had a great time I think! It was a lot of fun to meet so many of Blake's classmates, and I just loved Justin, Allen, and Nicole! It probably won't be the last you'll see of them on this blog! Here's some more pictures:
In the Kennedy Center Lobby they had an art display. This was a cat...
Blake talking to Nate on the phone before heading out for the night!
Blake, Allen, and Justin at the Ball!

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