Saturday, February 19, 2011

First Valentine's Day!

Actually, this Valentine's Day was our fifth celebration of this lovely holiday, but this was our first one as newlyweds and our first one in the District of Columbia! Who knew that DC could be such a lovey dovey city come Valentine's Day? I wouldn't have guessed it, but DC proved me wrong! It fell on a Monday this year, but I feel like the whole city celebrated all weekend long! The weather was beautiful and--dare I say it?--even a little spring like! All of the grocery stores became floral boutiques overnight. I've never seen so much variety in colors and arrangements! Everyone was smiling and happy. And best of all, on the morning of Valentine's Day, I had to be up early and I saw a gorgeous sunrise!
The view from our window!
Isn't it lovely?
Blake was still asleep when I left, but I took these pictures and left the camera on the pillow beside him with a note that told him to look at the last three pictures on the camera. The third picture was a reminder of the holiday!
I'm nothing if not cheesy :)
Have you guys ever used Groupon before? For Valentine's Day Dinner Blake and I went out to eat using a Groupon coupon I bought on-line. For $20, I got a $40 credit at El Tamarindo. El Tamarindo is a Mexican/El Salvadorean restaurant in Adams Morgan that serves autentico (that's Spanish for authentic! I have to use it or I'll lose it haha) food, and it was delicious! 
El Tamarindo
 We had to use the entire $40 credit in one sitting, so we gladly accepted the challenge! We started out with a house special sangria to share and some 'platanos con frijol y crema' (plantains with beans and sour cream). Then, we ordered (wait for this... it's really cute) Fajitas for Two! Complete with shrimp, steak, chicken, onions, peppers, and corn tortillas! So delicious! When we paid our bill, we'd gone $1 over our $40 credit and then paid tax and tip. We walked away, including the price of the coupon, tax and tip, paying about $30 for what would have been a $55 meal! Talk about a deal! :)

I hope you all had a great day as well!

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