Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Partying in Tennessee

Also on my Tennessee agenda last weekend was my cousin's bachellorette party!  She's getting married on my birthday in two Saturdays, and I am so glad that I got to hang out with my first cousins and celebrate! 
We met at Cancun's Mexican Restaurant.  Becca and I missed the memo on wearing black... I feel like my shirt is super loud too!  Oh well.  After splitting Chilaquilas with my sister, we all loaded up and drove down the road for some kaoroke!
Me and Brittany!
Becca and Brittany
Let me just say, I am not a singer, but in the spirit of the bachellorette party, and at the bride to be's request, I performed!

Backstory: When my cousins would get together with Becca and me, we always wanted to do skits or dances for the grown-ups.  I specifically remember a Barbara Ann dance, an Achy-Breaky Heart dance, and a dance to an old LeeAnn Rhimes song called 'One Way Ticket.'  When we saw One Way Ticket on the list of songs for kaoroke, we knew it was a sign!
We committed.
Haha ok fine, the book of songs that were available was huge, so we could have probably justified any song.  Whatever.  We reunited the old group, and even managed to remember a few of the dance moves we perfected back when we were 10 and performing in my parents' living room.
One of the dance moves we remembered!
 I assure you, we sounded just like this:

I'm so glad I got to hang out with everyone, especially Brittany! We had a great time!

On another note... This little blog has two new subscribers--my Aunt Kathy and Granny Bettye!  Today is my aunt Kathy's birthday!  Happy anniversary of your 29th birthday, Aunt Kathy!

And I am so proud of my Granny Bettye.  She is taking computer classes and just got her first laptop (and facebook!!)!  Love you both!


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