Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Skype Love.

Do any of you guys use Skype? I absolutely love it. I got it back in 2007 when I was in the Dominican Republic so that I could talk to Blake for free (phone calls were so expensive and unreliable). I didn't use it again until my friend Pamela went to London, and then I used it to view her flat over there and talk to her some. Now I'm using it again, especially since getting a computer with a built in webcam! I've used it to give career advice to my cousin Brad, celebrate Thanksgiving with my family in Nashville, talk to my friend Brittney in Smyrna, and receive a tour of my sister's place off campus! LOVE IT! And it's free! I also realized that I can take a picture of the person with whom I'm skyping (yes, I just used skype as a verb!). I didn't know where the pictures saved haha but I just found them... so I give you SKYPE PICTURES:
Brad in Lipscomb's Dorm! Who says girls can't be in high rise?
Becca and Dad and part of my Aunt Kathy!
Thanksgiving Day Family shot!
Brittney used her brand new iPad to skype with me!

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