Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A New Dinner by a New Poster

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you one overdue post by a nearly lost blogger. CLICK HERE for what I believe to be the last post I made (see what I did? I made the link look really sketchy). Now for an update. Today, I awoke to the beautiful tones of a song reaching my ear from a distance--a distance not much further than 4 or 5 feet physically; yet it seemed to have a remove origin as it slowly pulled me from the deepest depths of my dreams. Okay, if I try to describe my entire day like this, this blog will never get posted. At least I tried to be poetic. So I woke up today and while Catie got ready for her day at work, I searched on Netflix for a movie to watch (we just signed up for it yesterday and are taking advantage of our month for free... though we will surely continue this subscription because it rocks!). I landed on the first X-Men movie and decided that was the one for me! I recently saw X-Men: First Class and decided to catch up on the previous titles. I then headed to the roof with my physiology review book and read a chapter... which was not so good of a decision in retrospect. See, even though it wasn't particularly sunny outside, my white self got burned... pretty badly... Which sucks because I'm usually so good about putting on sunscreen (or just avoiding the sun). I guess it has been a long time since my vampire self has seen the light of day (not counting my pathetic run up by American University yesterday which consisted of the first 1.5 miles being entirely uphill... stupidest decision ever and total failure on my part). Since coming back inside, my day has been rather... boring. I read some more, then ate some, then read some, then went to CVS, then listed to some Ted Talks, and then finally decided to post on here!

Tomorrow should be a more interesting day. I'm volunteering at the HOYA Clinic tomorrow!

Well, it seems like I'm forgetting something... oh yes, I almost forgot the reason I set out to write this blog! Yesterday, Catie and I made Falafel! We pulverized some chick peas into a gushy mess, added an egg, and some chopped onions. Then made them into patties and fried/sauteed them on a skillet!

We served them with bell peppers, fresh Jalapeno pepper, sour cream, and hummus on a pita! On the side, I have cooked spinach and great northern beans!

I thought it was really great but it wasn't my Lady Love's favorite. It was a very nice mix-up, however, from the monotony of affordable meals we got caught up in this past year!

Well, hope you enjoyed this post. I apologize for the scattered thoughts and sloppy presentation.


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