Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Trip to Tennessee: Day 1

Knoxville, TN

I got on the Megabus on Wednesday night and slept (somewhat fitfully) until about 7 in the morning. I got off the bus and Dorothy picked me up! We had a blast around Knoxville! First things first, of course, we got some great breakfast...

Then we went to the mall and hunted for a suit (for me!) and a 'wedding dress' for Dorothy (a dress to wear to Marcus and Suzy's wedding!). We had some successes and some near successes... :) But a great time looking!

For lunch we went to this precious little place called the Apple Cake Tea Room. It was super cute, and we had spice tea and their specialty, which consisted of chicken salad, banana bread, chips, fruit salad, and bran muffins! We were so full haha. 

That night we relaxed and watched NCIS and the Mentalist on TV. I think we both fell asleep on the couch at some point! Overall, we had a lot of fun shopping and catching up. A great first day back in TN!


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