Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Catie!

On this here wonderful day that I write, I must give praise and acknowledgement to Catie, the all-star blogger and the love of my life! In case you don't know who Catie is, she can be seen in the picture below.
Isn't she just the cutest!
I must also wish her a Happy Birthday 24th! Today, she's at her cousin's wedding in TN and is enjoying the good weather there. Although I'm like a million miles away from her, I'm enjoying quite the good weather with a wonderful view out my window!
The wonderful view out of my window
 As visualized above, one can see that snow is falling and is beginning to stick (the snow has picked up since that picture was taken). I wish Catie could be here to experience the first snow of the season on her birthday, BUT I do happen to know she is having quite a great day!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and don't forget to wish Catie a happy birthday! Let's give her some blog love!

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