Sunday, October 16, 2011

My First Birthday Gift of the Year!

This October is awesome!  Don't get me wrong, it's crazy busy, but Blake and I have somehow managed to have a good time so far.  We've been doing some apartment hunting, some TV watching, some rain dodging, some clothes layering... it's been pretty grand!

And the best is yet to come because October 29th is my BIRTHDAY.  And October 31st is HALLOWEEN.  :)  And this weekend is one of my good friend's WEDDINGs.  And I'm going to hang out with my cousins for a BACHELORETTE party.  And I'm road tripping with my SISTER.  Lots of excitement coming up in the next few weeks!

On Friday, my beautiful friend Brittney sent me my first 24th birthday present yesterday!  I was so excited when I got it... I mean, the big day is still 2 weeks away!  She made me such a thoughtful and sweet present too!  It nearly brought tears to my eyes.  I love my friends so much, and sweet gifts like this make me miss them even more than I normally do!

 It's hard to tell but I'm wearing a pair of earrings (and holding up two more) and a necklace that Brittney MADE me.  I'm telling you, this girl is super crafty.  I love being her friend, but I would also love to be her niece, because Brittney has made that little niece of hers so many adorable things! :)

 And as if that wasn't awesome enough, she made me drink coasters using some of my wedding pictures!!  I saw the idea on Pinterest, but wasn't even brave enough to pin it, and she sneakily asked for some of my favorite wedding pictures and made them herself!

There are 8 total, and I just love them so much!

Thanks Brittney for the great kick-off to Birthday Season and the crafty gifts!! Love you!

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