Tuesday, April 24, 2012

On This Day... 2004

It's time for another installment of On This Day posts!
Here's a couple other On This Day posts.

On this day in 2004...
 ...I was going to prom!!  

Check out all the pink in that picture!  I was a sophomore in high school, and a friend that I worked with asked if I would accompany him to prom.  We had a lot of fun.  I can't believe it's been 8 years already!  I remember that morning I had a band competition (clarinet, holla!) about an hour away.  On the way back, my mom drove like a wild woman and I painted my nails in the car.  We got back and she did my hair.  My friend-date arrived while I was brushing my teeth!  Super fast prom preparations!!  Can we take a second to talk about how young I look in this picture?  I was 16, but I feel like I look even younger.  Unfortunately that flattering picture above is the only one that I have on me to celebrate this day!

Blake did not go to prom until his senior year, but prom pictures are so fun that I think they should be included.  Here's Blake at his senior year prom in '06!
Just in case you can't tell, he's the one on the far left.  The guy on the far left, I mean.
What are we up to today?
-I took my Trusts and Estates final this morning (pretty tough but I feel pretty good about it)
-I'm studying for my final tomorrow.
-Blake is studying for his final tomorrow.

I'd much rather be going to prom!  With Blake this time of course! 

Play along at home!
-Where were you on this day in 2004, or last year, or whenever??
-What would you tell yourself if you could go back in time?

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  1. Wow 2004 was a long time ago, I can't even remember what I was doing - I was still in high school!

    Funny pictures. It's strange how amazing you think you look, and when you look back at the photos they always look so funny :) xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)


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