Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dean's Jeans Day!

At my law school, on the last Monday before exams start, the school has a big party called Dean's Jeans Day. 
It's a lot of fun!  There's free burgers, ice cream, cotton candy, and alcohol (though seriously, it's in the middle of the day and we all have studying to do...). 
And to top it all off, all our professors are running around in JEANS.  In one of my classes that day, my professor rolled in wearing a t-shirt, REI pants, and a blazer. 
 It was a really nice break for some free dinner and an hour of relaxing before heading back to studying.  It really was a pretty day out too.  This happened last week, when it was still warm and the skies were clear.

I thought of it as a necessity since I was most certainly not getting my Vitamin D in the library!  
This picture cracks me up!  Amanda accidentally poured some of her drink down Sally's back!

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