Friday, October 21, 2011

On This Day... 2006

I am pretty excited about a new series of posts I'm going to do on the blog!  Mine and Blake 's life is extremely awesome and exciting with all our day-in and day-out studying, especially as we are heading toward finals, but no one wants to hear about that everyday.  Plus, on a more serious note, there are lots of things we can't say on here about our life and school because Blake will be applying for residency programs and I'm applying for jobs, and what goes on the internet stays on the internet. I think it would be great if this blog turned into something that people could read if they're interested in what it is really like to be a medical student or a law student or a married medical/law student to another medical/law student, but someone else will have to handle that responsibility! Or we can talk about it after the fact. Anyway....

Blake and I are going to start 'On This Day' posts on the blog!  With each 'On This Day' post, we'll upload a picture of some kind from a previous year on the day the story is published and tell about what was happening at that point in our lives. It should be fun! And since hindsight is 20/20, we're going to throw in a 'If I Could Tell The People In This Picture Something...' And since it's such a fun idea, people who are reading this should comment and tell us what they were doing on this day too!

So let's get started, shall we?
October 21, 2006 Blake and me in Oak Ridge, TN at a Sonic :)
On this day in 2006...
...Blake met my family for the very first time! It was a big day indeed. Blake and I had been dating around a month, though at the time it felt like we'd always been together. My parents had already moved to Maryland, and I'm not entirely sure why they needed to be back in the Oak Ridge/Oliver Springs area, but they did on this weekend, and since my birthday is only a few days away, I went back home and brought along this cutie to say hello!

I think my parents liked Blake immediately! It's always so funny how first impressions go. I also met Dorothy and Steve sometime around then for the very first time! Hopefully they liked me too haha. Either way, neither of those parents knew that they were meeting their future daughter-in-law / son-in-law!

Also, look how different we look! This is a picture of me and Blake recently:

Can you tell the difference?? It's funny how 5 years change a person!

If I could tell the people in this picture something, I would...
-tell myself to soak in the coming years because they are going to be some of your favorites!
-Blake says: "I would tell myself to cut my hair and shave. I would tell Catie to keep an eye on that fleece jacket because I lose it at some point in the future, and I'd tell her that I'm going to propose to her in the spring semester of our senior year."  (note: he proposed to me in the fall and was tricky about it. Now I know that it was because my subconscious self had been told by his future self that he was waiting til the spring to propose!)

Play along at home!
-What were you doing on this day in 2006, or last year, or whenever?
-Is there anything you wish you could tell yourself?


  1. I know this post is late... I've been catching up on your blog! I love reading it! :) In October 2006 (I don't remember October 21st exactly), I was a junior at LU getting ready to start nursing school. Too bad I didn't know you guys back then. But I'm very, very glad I met you through our mission trip to Guatemala in 2009! :)

  2. Oh, and I would tell myself to relax and not worry so much about nursing school. It turned out well in the end!


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