Monday, January 24, 2011

Job Search is on!

It's that time of the year for law students... time to find a legal internship or clerkship to put on our resume and help us get a real life job after we graduate! It's crazy that we start looking for jobs in December/January that will begin in June. But that is the nature of these jobs. I applied for about 75 jobs, and I might not be done yet. But after all of those, I've got 8 interviews--where I'll try to convince a few attorneys that they should hire me out of the bajillions of other first-year law students who also applied! The other difficult part of first year legal internships is the pay, which is nonexistent.

Thankfully, my law school is pretty great about giving scholarships to people who will be working for a non-paid, public interest internships. I still have to apply in March for a scholarship, but they give out about $495,000 worth of summer help. We'll hope that if I get offered a public interest job, I'll also get a scholarship! Two local law schools, including mine, have a Public Interest Job Fair on Saturday. They had about 70 different employers to choose from, and we students could bid up to 20 employers with a cover letter and resume. Then, the employers chose from the groups of students who bid on them and those chosen students will interview with them on Saturday. I've got some really interesting interviews lined up though, and they start on Tuesday and end on Saturday at the Fair. Wish me luck and think of me if you get a chance!

Any thoughts, readers? This was kind of a boring post, but these thoughts have been swirling in my head for awhile haha.

More fun posts to come!

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  1. Looking forward to hearing about how well your interviews go, Cate!


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