Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our Wedding *May 17th, 2010*

Blake and I have been together since September 23, 2006 soon after we first met at Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN. 

We started dating and before too much time had passed, became quite attached. :)  On August 29th, 2009, Blake asked me to marry him on the first swing we ever sat in together on campus.  I said yes! and began the long and arduous journey of what they call 'wedding planning.'  

May 17th was an absolute dream for us!  It was everything and more than I ever wanted in a wedding, and I can't even take credit for most of it... things just turned out perfectly.  We got married in a beautiful historic mansion in Nashville amid the floods, but managed the one day it didn't rain.

Blake and I got a chance to take lots of great shots around the mansion that I know we will treasure forever.  Our photographers were truly amazing.  Everything was!
Our families were so supportive of the two of us from the beginning, and they too helped make our big day special. 

Our bridesmaids and groomsmen were such fun.  We loved that they all knew each other, and it made the entire day even more memorable!
 The ceremony was on the front porch.  My Uncle Jason officiated the ceremony.  He had asked us questions about each other and our relationship, and he shared those thoughts throughout the ceremony.  It made a unique and very personal wedding, I think.

The reception was a blast as well.  We ate, cut cake, enjoyed the company of some of our closest friends and family, and then danced the night away under a tent to the soulful tunes of Miley Cyrus and Black Eyed Peas. 

We left that night amidst a flurry of bubbles and well wishes and hugs and kisses.  And we were married.  A great day and an even better beginning of a wonderful life together.

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